Mandate is to keep the economy vibrant

Newly elected Liberal government, taking care of itself

Editor, The News:

Finance Minister Mike de Jong states, “We are sharpening our pencils.” Yes, for everyone else but themselves, it seems.

The top aids in the newly elected government have their salary caps increased by 18 to 60 per cent, with salaries up to $230,000. Meanwhile, the elderly and infirm in residential care, who worked and paid taxes all their lives, are now required to pay $25 a month to rent a wheelchair.


Mr. de Jong also states, “ I think people understand a new government with a new mandate … may make changes of these sorts.”

Mr. de Jong, the mandate was given to keep the economy vibrant, not give yourselves raises.

Yes, ‘the people’ want changes to benefit the ‘people,’ not the Grand Poobahs.

Cherryl Katnich

Maple Ridge