Metal bylaw is heavy-handed

Letter writer agrees with the Fraser Valley Metal Exchange

Editor, The News:

Re: Scrap metal bylaw too onerous, says dealer (The News, Sept. 19).

Mike Salo of Fraser Valley Metal Exchange hit the nail on the head when he stated that industry input was disregarded when the scrap metal bylaw was drafted.

After years of working with the RCMP and CPR railway police, in which he recovered substantial merchandise, he is now expected to catalogue daily, store tons of incoming metal for seven days and report it to the RCMP.

Obviously other metal exchange businesses are unable to comply with these standards because they would be forced out of business.

Mr. Salo’s operation has always been in compliance with the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor Generals Department.

I’m sure a compromise can be reached, possibly giving Mr. Salo more time to catalogue his inventory, perhaps.

I think Liz Holitzki, Maple Ridge director of licenses, permits, and bylaws, needs to spend a day at the scrap exchange sorting metal before she attempts to slap a fine on Mr. Salo’s business, which is providing local jobs and paying taxes – which, by the way, helps to pay Ms. Holitzki’s wages and benefits.

Perhaps an advisory committee to the bylaw department, comprised of citizens and business owners, would be in order here.

Grover Telford

Maple Ridge