News Views: Politicians come back

An editorial by The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News

Recently, our CBC Radio gave several seconds of air time to a pipe bomb that was found on a city tennis court.

No one was hurt thankfully. The  pipe bomb was just laying there, placed there by who knows.

But just to be on the safe side, all the city’s recreation facilities were closed. Several quotes were relayed about how people are carrying on despite this threat to their way of life.

And just where did this take place?

About a quarter of the way around the world, in St. John’s, Nfld.

Local, compelling news, it wasn’t.

There have been at least three days of incessant coverage about a whale that died at the Vancouver Aquarium. People shared their thoughts and feelings, about a whale, an old whale, whose time had come.

In the middle of August, a lot of air time and band width was allotted to an incident in Nanaimo, in which police said a drunk guy slugged his wife in the hospital. Stop the presses.

But wait, nothing like a visit from the leader of our country, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, just at a time when the pipeline issue is in full rage.

True to form, Harper wasn’t wading into the sticky issue of oil sands oil.

He commented only briefly, said there was nothing to say because science would decide, then moved on, giving no more time to the media, the representatives of the voting, taxpaying public.

If the London Olympic Summer Games were not running, it would be even more of the dismal, dog days of August.

This month is when most municipal councils and provincial MLAs take holidays, leaving newsrooms and newscasts with endless amounts of time and space.

Hurry back soon politicians. We miss you.

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