News Views: Sometimes royal works, sometimes . .

This tie to tradition worth questioning

The recent announcement of the change back to calling the navy, a navy and the air force an air force no doubt is welcomed by the veterans who served under the two branches, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

It’s a symbolic gesture to honour the past and tradition as well as those serving now.

But will those names serve into the future?

Does Canada, increasingly multicultural, want to hang on to that particular title and tradition as it moves forward into the 21st Century? Do those titles, with the ties to the past, hold us back or strengthen us?

A good comparison is the Royal Australian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force. When the outsider hears those names, what does he or she think?

Wouldn’t just the Canadian Air Force. The Canadian Navy sound better?

Perhaps this is one the royal label that might be better left off.

The initiative also means the Canadian Army will be known simply as that, which for an historical reason is prevented from using the label.

Which is just fine. That seems to fit better.

Both services served admirably over the last century, from the First World War to the Battle of the Atlantic and the Battle of Britain, in the Second World War.

As for the Canadian Army, it’s among the best in the world. Served in First, Second World Wars, kept the Chinese from invading Korea one night, and did yeoman’s duty in Afghanistan.

And that name just seems to sound better.

The Canadian Army. It’s ours.

– The News