No safe crossings for kids south of highway

Central Maple Ridge stretch of Lougheed is hazardous to health

Editor, The News:

Re: Pointing finger won’t change things (Along the Fraser, April 20).

Jack Emberly is absolutely right. It’s tragic that all the way from 207th Street to 222nd Street that more hasn’t been done to promote safe crossing along Lougheed Highway.

It’s like living on the wrong side of the tracks, because you’re from older homes and townhouses. It’s hard to rally people together after a crossing death.

Don’t kid yourself. Over the past 30 years there’s been many, and injuries and accidents through the roof.

One of the darkest, coldest and longest stretches between crosswalks has taken its toll.

The traffic engineering with the district needs to re-examine this in conjunction with the bicycle improvements slated for the area.

Good for Mr. Emberly for remembering those who have been injured and met with death, for raising the issue that some areas’s of town have been paying taxes for 50 years and have received nothing in improvements to pedestrian safety.

Stick wit it, Mr. Emberly, somebody at municipal hall will realize that kids south of Lougheed go to school north of the highway and there is no safe crosswalks in many places.

Fred Elder

Maple Ridge