Owners shouldn’t live in fear

Letter writer says owners of vicious dogs or dogs who have behavioural issues need to take more responsibility.

Editor, The News:

As an owner of two small dogs living in Pitt Meadows, this story (The News, Aug. 1) has hit a little too close to home for me.

I’ve also seen pitbulls in my neighbourhood and after hearing one too many stories about pitbulls attacking small dogs, I do not feel safe to walk my dogs alone anymore.

The breed itself is not to blame. It’s the owners. If the owner of the pitbull cross which attacked poor Tucker, had known his dog saw small breeds as prey, his dog should have had a muzzle on. Small breed owners should not have to live in fear of large breeds because of the owners’ irresponsible actions.

My heart goes out to the Wyatt family and anyone who has lost their beloved four-legged family member due to such a careless act. I can’t imagine the pain and horror they must still be feeling.

Owners of vicious dogs or dogs who have behavioural issues need to take more responsibility to ensure this type of horrific act never happens again.

Most owners don’t believe their dog could do such an awful thing, so it’s time the city stepped in and created a bylaw to force breeds that have a higher percentage of attacks to wear a muzzle while outside of their homes.

Maybe then we can walk our streets again without the fear of unnecessarily losing a loved one in such a terrifying attack.

Katie Aquilina

Pitt Meadows