Pitt Meadows still unique

Editor, The News:

Re: North Lougheed study starts (The News, Feb. 2).

I am writing with regards to the North Lougheed study, which is currently investigating the transformation of 125 acres of agricultural land into a big-box complex, or, better yet, a casino.  

Throughout the Fraser Valley (and beyond) the speed of modern society has homogenized space.  Communities have lost their uniqueness in exchange for inauthentic and meaningless flat-space, offering the same stores and the same commodities. 

One must travel further to gain a sense of place.  Heck, people will even pay for this experience. I have lived in the same home for 23 years and have never felt as placeless as I do now. 

Thankfully, Pitt Meadows is still unique and I know community members value this, for I am continually convinced every sunny day when people flood the local dike systems for a stroll. If building a sense of community and belonging is an objective contained within Pitt Meadows’ official community plan, then these potential land use conversions should be seriously reconsidered.

Alanna Schuurmans

Pitt Meadows