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Playing football in Albion flats

Editor, The News:

Re: Council still awaiting word on flats from ALC (The News, Sept. 28).

The fate of the Albion flats remains in flux. This ongoing issue is now five years old with no progress in sight.

As I understand, our mayor and council have not made a formal application, but did ask the ALC what the commission thought of the Albion proposal.

I believe this to be another stalling tactic. What a big waste of time and money.

Council should have made a formal application a year or two ago, then began the process of changing the zoning because SmartCentres already owns the property.

The Albion issue will be the biggest political football this town has ever seen.

During the last election, Maple Ridge saw a very poor voter turnout, less than 30 per cent, and my hope is to see the 30- to 40-year-olds group of taxpayers vote on Nov. 19.

This group of young home owners is so apathetic or exhausted just keeping the wheels on the bus, there is no time or energy left.

Maple Ridge needs your help. We will all benefit with local shopping with less driving, reduced taxes and local jobs.

Where is your teenager going to work?

Please vote for progressive change Nov. 19.

Jim Bulpit

Maple Ridge

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