Respect in hockey extends to the ball court

Young men invite others to play in south Pitt Meadows.

Editor, The News:

Nestled everywhere are sports venues open to the general public, including free ones.

In particular, this father wants to share a story that deserves praises.

Our 11-year-old son often goes to the cement floor hockey area cradled besides the tennis courts in Pitt Meadows off South Bonson Road. There are many good kids there and, in particular, a group of college/university male friends in their 20s who play ball hockey, as on Monday, June 4th, at night.

These young men have 10-plus buddies and they show fair play, respect, openness and laughs. They could easily dominate the place and shove off kids.

Instead, they embrace the younger ones with sportsmanship, like older brothers.

I applaud those guys for their demeanor and open minds.

One even lent me a hockey stick, a good story because it shows a younger generation being flexible and considerate to others, and I am sure many other stories echo that, too.

Even kids younger than 11  play and these guys share time and show team play during their games.

Nice to see, thanks for being role models and playing respectfully.

These guys could easily choose to play amongst themselves, but they let others join in.

I respect them for that.

Maybe some don’t see the value in my comment, but it needs to be told because it is nice to see.

Kerwin Maude

Pitt Meadows