Roadblocks to garbage pickup

If our system is the envy of every municipality, why are we the only one left using it?

Editor, The News:

Re: Garbage collection debate stifled (The News, Sept. 27).

Why do veteran Couns. Al Hogarth, Cheryl Ashlie, Judy Dueck and Mayor Ernie Daykin continue to resist and deflect the possibility of exploring this overdue essential service and deny the citizens the right to the facts?

Last year, Coun. Robert Masse had suggested to staff and council about conducting a survey at the Ridge Meadows Home Show. They turned him down.

Experts in the waste management field are willing, at no charge, to meet with council and senior management and provide a demonstration on how the system works and offered to submit a cost analysis for free.

I was informed they were denied this opportunity.

Yet, Mayor Daykin recently said he doesn’t think companies would respond to a request for quotes.

Council and staff feel there is no public interest in a district-wide collection and the public will recycle less if this service is implemented.

But a citizen’s survey reported that 41 per cent of Maple Ridge residents have said they want municipal garbage pickup.

One councillor stated it would cost $900 a year for this service and our taxes would skyrocket.

Coun. Ashlie stated our taxes would go up by 10 per cent if we were to have this service and they would need to hire staff to deal with the complaints.

Pitt Meadows doesn’t. The city waste complaints go to the contractor.

Where is Maple Ridge council getting its information from?

If our system is the envy of every municipality, why are we the only one left using it?

Why the continued resistance from these four councillors when there is current and accurate information out there that counters everything they say?

Why the continued roadblocks?

All Couns. Bell and Masse are asking council for is to put forth a request for information, not a request for tender.

Maple Ridge has grown up. We are no longer a rural community. We need a council and mayor who will recognize this and move Maple Ridge forward.

As Masse stated: “Get the information, table it, put it in front of the public and let them say whether they want it.”

For free.

Todd Oliver

Maple Ridge


Not so fast, kid

Editor, The News:

Re: Garbage collection debate stifled (The News, Sept. 27).

Whenever I’m considering buying a product or service, I do a bit of research first – quality, cost, value, other options.

Then when I feel I’m educated enough, I make a decision.

It’s simple and effective, much like the approach suggested by Coun. Corisa Bell regarding her proposed investigation of municipal garbage collection options.

Progressive and logical down at the municipal hall? How refreshing.

Oh, not so fast, kid.

Coun. Cheryl Ashlie says ‘we should sit on the sidelines and watch’ to see what the MMBC (Multi-Material B.C.) proposes.

But Coun. Bell suggested getting this information prior to the MMBC proposals – you know, to be one step ahead, to be prepared, to be able to progress efficiently.

Good idea?

Still, there are other naysayers to progress, unless it’s in the form of under-serviced urban sprawl.

But all that aside, I’m at a loss as to why Mayor Ernie Daykin is afraid to get a few quotes.

Apparently he said if Maple Ridge goes on a “fishing expedition” … “we could be on the hook for a contract.”


If that’s his experience with getting quotes, perhaps before he goes ‘fishing’ again he should take some casting lessons so the hook lands in the water, not the seat of his pants.

Grant Baker

Maple Ridge


Don’t mess around

Editor, The News:

Re: Garbage collection debate stifled (The News, Sept. 27).

Who are the people who want the district to have garbage collection?

It’s not people like me, who have little garbage.

It’s the people who are too lazy to reduce their waste, but want someone else to help reduce their cost.

There are contractors who already do this job, for a fair price.

You make more garbage, you pay more. Very simple.

But apparently to Coun. Corisa Bell this not an easy concept to understand.

The system we have in Maple Ridge works, don’t mess with it.

The idea of putting it to a referendum shows a lack of respect for those of us who have made a difference to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Also, a 10 per cent tax increase will just be the start. I would go up from a maximum of $40 per year to nearly $300.

Tony Allen

Maple Ridge

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