Rocky, you saved us good, old buddy

Out for a walk and family's ugly pit bull saved them

Editor, The News:

My husband, having had one in his family before, talked me into buying a nine-month old pup for our country property.

So we took in Rocky.

With his homely nose and bandy legs, he wasn’t the most cuddly of pets, but we treated  him with care and affection and made him part of our family.

One morning, as we were showing friends around our land,  Rocky leading the way,  we were forced to pass  close to a couple of young steers grazing nearby.

Though we did our best not to disturb them, one of them unexpectedly turned and charged, with horns aimed at my chest.  I was too stunned to move, but suddenly from one side, a small, white ball of fury rose into the air, grabbing the creature under his throat – swinging him away, right in front of me.

For sure, it was Rocky. He hung on tenaciously – pitching and shaking with the animal,  down to the end of the lane to the main road.  Then our hero let go – racing back to receive our astonished and loving gratitude!

Don’t anyone say a word against pit bull terriers in front of me.

Melissa Dixon

Maple Ridge

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