Shouldn’t have to pay bridge tolls for inconvenience

Editor, The News:

I took the toll bridge on Sept. 29 and was never notified of construction that had traffic down to a single lane northbound during rush-hour traffic.

I could have gone around and saved time, but was stuck in traffic. It took me nearly 25 minutes to get from 96th Avenue in Langley to the on-ramp of the Golden Ears Bridge.

I phoned QuickPass and asked to have my toll re-funded and they were tardy with their reply, but when they did finally get back to me, they told me that Trans-Link had published an ad in the paper stating it would not be returning/refunding tolls for people who were not properly notified of the inconvenience ahead (construction).

I am outraged that this is the case and would love to have someone from TransLink explain further why, when you do not properly notify people of a delay on a bridge that is suppose to give relief to those who travel from one side to the other, that you can also charge them above and beyond the inconvenience.

I want my $2.70 back.

Chad Allen

Maple Ridge