Shouldn’t seniors pick up after their dogs, too?

Editor, The News:

I am appalled at the inconsiderate nature of some of our senior citizens.

I have watched from my balcony, and have become disgusted with their actions, while walking their beloved dogs.

We do not have a large lawn, but we would like to keep it as nice as possible. Yet I have watched these wonderful citizens let their dogs defecate on our property, and not once do I see them bend down to retrieve their little friend’s feces.

This is totally unacceptable behavior. We try to keep our little bit of lawn and grounds as clean and tidy as possible and the landscapers give us heck when they find fecal matter on the grounds. I do not feel that we should have to clean up their mess.

Is it not up to them to do that?

Are they not supposed to carry little baggies and remove their doggie’s doo-doo?

I am an apartment manager and I have to sweep the front walkway everyday. If they can’t pick up after their dogs, tell them to walk it somewhere else.

Donna Thompson

Maple Ridge