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Something needs to be done about horse droppings

Editor, The News:

I am a dog owner who, on the rare occasion, has been out and run out of bags.

When this has happened, I’ve encountered some people who were quick to share a bag, and others whose actions bordered on harassment.

I’m actually one of those people who will go home and returns to the ‘scene of the crime’ to clean up after my little guy.  After all, it’s my responsibility as a dog owner.

My family has recently moved back to Maple Ridge and, I have to say, I am disgusted by the amount of horse droppings we have encountered on pathways and even sidewalks.

Most recently, on 128th Avenue, a bus stop was surrounded by what looked like droppings from at least two horses.  You couldn’t even stand close to the actual sign without stepping in something.

The mound remained there for almost a week and a half before the rain washed it away.

Again another mound was found at the crossing of 128th and 232nd Street – an intersection frequently used by families walking to and from school.

If dog owners have to pick up droppings, what’s being done about the horse droppings? Who is cleaning that up? Is there a bylaw to enforce it?

I am an animal lover and feel that dog owners have been given the short end of the stick on more than one occasion. Cats can poop anywhere without anyone enforcing a fine. They can also run loose without the threat of a leash law.

Dogs need to be licensed.

Cats don’t.

In fact, dogs are the only animal that seems to accompany such a bylaw.

All I am saying is, horse droppings, in comparison to dogs, are not a question. Something needs to be done.

Felicia Paolino

Maple Ridge