Sorry to see Mike Sather go

Mike Sather

Mike Sather

Editor, The News:

I first met MLA  Michael Sather on the dike enjoying one of his passions, bird watching and the outdoors.

Since then, I have watched him fight the good fight with  passion, integrity and a lot of common sense. He always seemed to be on the right side of an issue. He fights for the underdog, social injustice and heath-care issues and against environmental recklessness, lies, hypocrisy, corruption,  financial irresponsibility. He was always there when asked to voice my concerns in Victoria, and contrary to popular belief I am not NDP but am definitely moving in that direction lately.

Unfortunately, the one thing this particular B.C. Liberal government can’t tolerate is the truth and because of that, Mr. Sather has paid the price for not doing as many as his fellow MLAs do, basically just putting in time until such time they can collect that gilded pension.

This was not easy for Mr. Sather as our present government has ways to punish anyone who speaks out against its policies. It might surprise you that our MLA Mr. Sather was not invited to the official openings of the Pitt River Bridge or the Golden Ears Bridge, but he showed up anyway.

That is how they keep the sheeple in line, ostracize, shun, exclude. They tried everything but it never once cowed Mr. Sather. He just kept doing what he knew was right.

Maple Ridge and its inhabitants, and yes, B.C. as a whole, will sorely miss Sather’s unshakable ethics and unfaltering passion for the underdog and environment.

I know if B.C. had even a dozen warriors like Sather, no matter what their political stripes, I would find fewer issues on which to pick up a pen and register my disapproval or disgust.

Thank you for your exceptional service.

You will leave some big shoes to fill. I am sure we have not heard the last of you, even if you are no longer in politics.

Wayne Clark

Maple Ridge