Stop with the throwing good money after bad

Editor, The News:

Re: B.C. government launches HST ad campaign (

I am sorry Christy Clark, but cutting one or two per cent off the HST will do nothing to address the real flaws and injustices in the HST.

It would not address the fact that because labour used to be tax exempt under the PST and used to be five percent, seniors and other individuals that can no longer do those household jobs themselves now pay a whopping 12 per cent, even 10 per cent is still a 100 per cent increase.

It will do absolutely nothing to solve the medical anomaly of paying 10 or 12 per cent on a health therapy, registered massage therapy – which I use to control my fibromyalgia.

It would hardly make a dent in the more than  $1,700 dollars this tax gouge has cost me in less than a year.

The consequence of the HST is I live on very rapidly diminishing fixed pension.

Am I to believe that my experience with the HST is just another anomaly?

Stop with the throwing good money after bad already.

Wayne Clark

Maple Ridge