Target still on Albion for more shopping

Target recently purchased all the Zellers stores in Canada

Target recently purchased all the Zellers stores in Canada

Editor, The News:

Re: Is Haney Place Mall on Target list? (The News, Jan. 14).

The letter from the person who feels that the announcement that Target might be coming to Maple Ridge will diffuse the Albion debate just goes to show that some people just don’t get it.  There are a couple of things wrong with his comments, in my opinion.  Not everyone wants to shop at Target, it is not the answer to my shopping prayers, and replacing Zellers with a Target sign in downtown Maple Ridge still does not address the need for shops and services in Albion.  

Shoppers in Maple Ridge need some good shops and services. Somewhere to buy a decent pair of good leather shoes would be nice. Aside from the little shoe repair place across from London Drugs, you cannot find a good pair of leather shoes in this town, and their selection is limited due to the size of the premises.  We need choice in this community and that is something we do not have at this time, not even in the downtown area. Until we get some choice shoppers will continue to take their spending dollars out of this community and into other areas in the Lower Mainland.

Isabella Beane

Maple Ridge