Taxing people out of Canada

Letter writer says with the price of gas, no wonder border lineups are so long.

High local gas prices are driving consumers across the U.S. border.

High local gas prices are driving consumers across the U.S. border.

Editor, The News:

I will make this short.

Everyone says it could be worse, you could live in Europe, where the gas is over $6 a gallon.

Wake up people, the gas here is now more then Europe.

Gas here is $6.82 a, imperial gallon. That is $1.51 per litre times 4.52 litres to the imperial gallon, equalling $6.82.

This is friggin’ ridiculous.  No wonder the line ups at the border are so long.

It is time for everyone to mass and have a one day strike, no work, no driving and see how the B.C. economy is affected.

Just think, almost every business would be closed.

Do you think the government would notice that type of uprising?

It is the only way to stop the governments from raping us with unrealistic taxes.

The government is so stupid in thinking we are going to put up with them picking our pockets. That is why the border line ups are so long.

Just think if the price of gas was more in line with the American price ($4 per U.S. gallon) people would stay here in B.C. and, in turn, buy there groceries here, which would contribute to the B.C. economy and provide a few more jobs.  For God sakes, government, wake up.

You can attract more commerce by keeping your citizens purchasing goods and gas in the country.

For a true look at what is happening to our consumers activities, look at the parking lot at Bellis Fair Mall, where you will find 90 per cent B.C. license plates.

Look in the Costco parking lot, where the majority of clients are B.C. shoppers,  buying cheese, milk, chicken and eggs while they pick up a tank full of cheap gas.

An interesting tidbit is that 86 per cent of Canada’s population is within easy reach of a U.S. border crossing. Do you think that this is happening across the country? I think so.

Wake up, government, and quit taxing your people out of the country.  People’s hard earned money is there life’s blood and no government should have the ability to use it as there personal banking machine.

Kevin Buell

Maple Ridge