Thanks to all the great staff at RM hospital

Norma Murray thanks hospital staff for the care of her husband Tom, who passed away Dec. 15, 2013.

Editor, The News:

I want to thank some special staff at Ridge Meadows Hospital, namely Dr. Bartel, Dr. George and Dr. Mentz, as well as the nurses in the ER, Two West and McKenney Creek Hospice for their quick attention and expert care given to my husband, Tom Murray, who passed away Dec. 15, 2013 from two rapidly moving cancers.

I would also like to thank all our friends and neighbours in the City of Pitt Meadows, in particular the Pitt Meadows United Church family and beyond,  for their many visitations and offers of help during this difficult time.

I will be forever grateful for your kind thoughts and prayers bestowed upon Tom and our family.

Thank you all so very much.

Norma Murray

Pitt Meadows