This Canadian is tired of being treated like dirt

You are not authorized to use tax dollars on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Editor, The News:

Dear prime minister:

You are mistaken in your belief that the government of Canada has the authority to use tax dollars to take childish political cheap shots at Justin Trudeau or any other person or group.

I, as one of your 30 million-plus bosses, want to make it absolutely clear that you are not authorized to use tax dollars taken from Canadian taxpayers to disturb messages on behalf of yourself and the Conservative Party of Canada.

You are misappropriating these taxpayer funds.

Such action is illegal in Canada.

Your reference to rules that the Government of Canada put in place to justify your action is pure hypocrisy. You should be ashamed of yourself. Justifying inappropriate action by referring to rules that were put in place by yourself is about as arrogant as it comes.

For the record, I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau. I am a Canadian who for more than six decades has done his best, worked for more than  35 years (at times having three jobs), having missed two days because of illness, paid his way, paid his taxes on time every year, took nothing from the various governments, who has become tired of greedy, arrogant self-serving politicians treating honest hard-working Canadians like dirt.

You and other Canadian politicians have become elitist. You can spend money that is not yours, but you can not manage the money.

I have often thought that politicians can not possibly manage their own households in the same reckless manner that they manage the finances of the country.

But then I realized that unlike real people who have to earn any income and increases to income, politicians just take it, with no regard to the ability of the people to be able to pay.

More of your Golden Rules that you follow – fat salaries, fatter expense accounts, and obscene pensions.

You wonder why more and more people are finding ways not to pay taxes.

All you need to do is look in the mirror at the greed and waste of every level of government in Canada.

I have a suggestion for a balanced budget law or rule: every member of a government that fails to deliver an independently verified balanced budget has to forfeit their MP, MLA, municipal salaries in full.

Expenses for work will be allowed, but only for basic hotels, economy travel.

Pensions for elected representatives are banned.

Annual tax increases can not exceed the Cost of Living Index, without going to referendum and receiving a 60 per cent support, to avoid tax increases that would enable balancing the budget just to keep your salaries.

John Kelly

Maple Ridge