Time for council to realize, well is dry

Editor, The News:

Re: Council to vote on raises (The News, July 20).

I was astounded, but not surprised, when I read recently that a staff report had recommended yet more increases to the monies paid to councillors and the mayor.

Where will it all end?

In the last election, more than 20 people ran for the six councillor positions and three for mayor.

There is no need to increase the pay as there is already lots of people wanting the job for what it pays now.

Will staff, who recommended the increases, continue to get raises, too?

And this is a year when unionized staff will be negotiating a new contract.

It is time council recognizes that the well is dry.

There is no ability to pay higher taxes, especially to increase municipal wages.

Freeze, or even reduce existing council salaries.

Send the message: municipal workers have it much better than the average worker today.

It is unreasonable to demand that the average citizen must pay even more so that municipal workers can do even better.

It is time to say enough.

Graham Mowatt

Maple Ridge