Toll the bridge to Silverdale, as well?

Editor, The News:

Re: Gas tax could go up 2¢ a litre (The News, July 8).

After taking a drive on Sunday, around Mission, and running a little low on gas, I stopped to fill up.

Here is my problem: the price of gas in Mission was $1.117.9 a litre.

The price in Maple Ridge was $1.34.3 a litre.

With our Metro Vancouver mayors and TransLink wanted another $.02 a litre in gas tax for the much talked about Evergreen Line, this would make a 16.4-cent difference now and 18.4 cents in the fall in the price of gas between Mission and Maple Ridge.

My thoughts, as a senior citizen, are that I will never ride the Evergreen Line, and that my own money is getting harder to manage because so many people are after it.

No question, I will be going to Mission for gas every week or so unless TransLink can figure out how to tall the bridge to Silverdale, as well.

R. Morris

Maple Ridge