What was it, Les, God or the power of trail mix?

Editor, The News:

Re: God doesn’t want you to get lost eternally (Acts of Faith, May 20).

Les Warriner and I both appreciate freedom of speech, but I don’t agree on is: Rita Chretien’s survival was due mostly to her faith, be it in her husband, God, the power of trail mix, or all three.

The way the article is written and its obvious intent pains me. Mr. Warriner implies that because Mrs. Chretien read her bible plenty, God decided to save her. I guess God decided her husband’s love for his wife over his bible ought to cost him his life. All his years of bible study and pew filling were in vain. Fickle love? Spiteful love?

Also, he wrote: “with God all things are possible. And he is a God who takes pleasure in rescue missions.”

When Mrs. Chretien was found, there was no rescue mission going on. Just some God fearin’, good ol’ boys with guns, mucking about on their ATVs.  However, after she was found, a search team was assembled for her husband.

What kind of God would “take pleasure in” a rescue mission that only prolongs false hope and, ultimately, disappointment. Sadistic love?

I assume Mr. Warriner was brought up in a good home and was taught to never tell a lie. And I suspect that he believes that he wouldn’t ever tell a lie. However, when he presumes to know the mind of God and, furthermore, implies to the masses that we have just witnessed a divine intervention, I wonder if he realizes that he is dancing on a thin line.

If he wants us to have faith in his opinions and preaching, I would recommend  more conviction and less suggestion.

Grant Baker

Maple Ridge