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Abbotsford Canucks season ticket pricing increasing for new purchasers

Existing season ticker holders can renew at locked in rates, more homes game scheduled for 2022-23
The Abbotsford Canucks season ticket prices for new purchasers have increased for the 2022-23 AHL season. (Ben Lypka/Abbotsford News)

Abbotsford Canucks season ticket prices for 2022-23 were recently released by the American Hockey League club, and pricing for new purchasers is up on average about 12 per cent from new purchasers in 2021-22.

The team announced new season ticket packages are available in four-year, three-year, single or half season. Five-year terms, which were available for last season, are no longer available. The half-season option is a new offering.

The increases do not apply to renewing or current season ticket holders, as they have different pricing than those listed below for new purchasers.

The Canucks will also be playing more games in 2022-23 than 2021-22, as the AHL announced back on June 7 that all teams will play a 72-game schedule. This means there will be 36 home games in the Abbotsford Centre this season, as opposed to last season which saw 34.

New four-year and three-year options feature 10 different price zones, while the single and half season have seven to choose from. The biggest increases from 2021-22 to 2022-23 occurred in the CLUB Gold sections, with new four-year tickets in that section bumping up 17.97 per cent and new three-year packages rising 16.95 per cent.

The average price of a new three-year season ticket has moved from $1,463.74 in 2021-22 to $1,661.20. New four-year packages increased from $1,374.43 to $1,565.40.

New single season ticket prices have also gone up, with the highest increase in that group occurring in the Attacking Corner section. Tickets in that area rose 17.01 per cent from last season.

The average price for a new single-season ticket was set at $978.42 in 2021-22 and has now moved to $1,096. As a whole, new season tickets are up a total of 12.7 per cent year-over-year.

Single game tickets have not yet been made available.

The Abbotsford Heat, the team previously in the Abbotsford Centre, also increased most single-season ticket prices from year one to two. Moving gold zone from $1,1358.70 to $1,399.30, red from $1,185.50 to $1,221.09, green from $756 to $775.55 and orange from $648 to $664.17. They dropped prices in the mid-range blue zone from $1,014.30 to $998.32.

Looking at the other Canadian-based AHL teams, the Belleville Senators are now offering a premium membership for fans that ensures that ticket prices will not increase for two seasons. They also offer one-year membership season tickets.

The average season ticket price cost for premium is $973.76 and for one-year it is $1,035.02. Belleville also sells seats located in a bar in the arena in sets of four seats.

The Laval Rocket offer renewal benefits for season ticket holders and also had an early-bird sale for season tickets during the AHL playoffs. The average price for non-renewal Rocket single-season tickets is set at $1,091.42.

The Manitoba Moose also offer renewal benefits and also had an early-bird sale that ended on March 30. The average price for non-renewal Moose single-season tickets is $880. Moose season tickets also include four Calder Cup playoff games (Abbotsford season tickets did not include any playoff games this year or for 2022-23).

The Toronto Marlies are currently selling full-season tickets for single season only, but plan to offer 20- and 10-game packages. The average season ticket price for the Marlies is $1,093.50.

Average single-season ticket prices for other local professional and junior sports franchises for 2022-23 include:

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The Canucks averaged 4,292 fans per game for the team’s inaugural season and the number could have been higher, but COVID-19 capacity restrictions were in place for much of the season. The restrictions capped attendance at 50 per cent inside the Abbotsford Centre. Fans also had to show a vaccine passport, which they likely will not have to do for 2022-23.

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Abbotsford’s second season is scheduled to begin on Friday, Oct. 28.

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