Elementary championship meet at MRSS

As many as 2,000 students are expected to take part.

As many as  2,000 students are expected to take part in School District No. 42’s annual elementary track and field championships.

Grades 4 and 5 students get underway June 4, followed by Grades 6 and 7 on June 5 at Maple Ridge secondary.

Paul Moran, a teacher who has been organizing the event for 10 years, says it’s nice to see so many schools taking part in the event.

“All the schools have been training for the past three weeks, which is great to see,” he said. “While only the top students get to go on, we’re really encouraged by the numbers. For us, it’s all about participation.”

While the sprints are always the highlight of any track competition, Moran said the biggest draw for students is high jump and the discus. Participation in those events is so high trials had to start two weeks ahead of time to get down to the top 18 students who take part in the finals.

“The number of kids jumping is crazy,” said Moran. “It’s just so much fun for them. They’re young, strong and flexible and everyone wants to go that one rung higher.”

Moran said the two sports offer students who don’t normally enjoy running a chance to participate.

“Over the two days we will probably have over 2,000 children, hundreds of staff members and hundreds of parents attend the track meet,” he said.

He’s encouraged that track and field is going strong in the school district.

“Participation, as always, is the key when dealing with elementary athletics.”