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Leave Valentine’s Day flower orders to the last minute at your own peril: B.C. florist

Flowers that tell a personalized story a trend for this year’s day of romance
Bouquets with thought are a hot topic in florals this year leading into the busiest single day in sales – Valentine’s Day, according to a Victoria senior floral designer. (Courtesy Brown’s the Florist)

Falling on a Tuesday should help ease the bustle of Valentine’s Day deliveries this year, with many going out during office hours.

“We are seeing a lot of orders to the office this year and we think that’s because people are back working downtown, working outside of the home or doing flex weeks,” says Greater Victoria florist Katherine Olmstead.

Ideally, folks will get their orders in by Friday (Feb. 10) for best results.

“Get orders in early, then you get more choice on what you’d like to have in general.”

Olmstead loves to hear a good story to guide her task of pulling together the perfect floral arrangement.

“Valentine’s Day is full of stories – family love, romantic love, friend love, self love. I think the meaning of Valentine’s Day has broadened over time – it’s all-inclusive now.”

“Designer’s choice” are among her favourite orders as senior designer with Brown’s the Florist. The details clients provide to aid the arrangements are inspiring.

“I really like making something I think the recipient will really like,” she said, excited at the opportunities that abound on the busiest single day of the year in her industry. “It’s a classic holiday, it’s one of my favourites, I love the roses.”

She sees social media, environmental concerns and the transition out of pandemic measures as key influences this year.

Not alone in her love of roses, folks still want those for the romantic day, but seeing them styled on social media platforms in a plethora of ways leads to individualized requests. Personal elements with thoughtful gifts attached are definitely on trend. That’s where designer’s choice comes in, and the stories of favourite colours, birds, scents or other personalized tidbits.

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Trending styles range from a soft romance or two-tone to bold and exuberant.

Oversized bouquets are gaining popularity, attributed to a European influence, shifting from Boho greened-up arrangements into bold colours and more density in arrangements.

Customers are also concerned with gifting fair trade roses, an easy task for Island florists, with most sourced from the south Island. Sustainable self-care products are also called for and carried to add the personal touch – from chocolates to bubbles – at many florists.

Because of the broader influence from social media platforms, people know to ask for different shape or scale of arrangement. They also know how to ask for more eco-friendly options such as just stems and water, with less plastic involved.

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