Meadowridge students raised $840 for children in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. (Child Haven International/Special to The News)

Meadowridge students raised $840 for children in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. (Child Haven International/Special to The News)

VIDEO: Maple Ridge school raises hundreds for children’s sports in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh

Money will go towards sports equipment for children who have little

Students at Meadowridge School have raised hundreds to help children in three countries on the Indian subcontinent access sports in their schools.

A fundraiser hosted by the school’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee raised $840 for Child Haven International, a registered charity founded in 1985 that helps children and women in developing countries access food, education, health care, shelter, clothing, and emotional and moral support.

The charity has five homes in India, one in Nepal, one in Tibet, China, and one in Bangladesh. The homes take in children who are disabled, parentless, or destitute.

For two years before the pandemic an annual, student-initiated dinner was held in support of the organization. However, in the wake of the pandemic it was cancelled and students had to find new ways to support the cause, explained Renee Cummings with Meadowridge School.

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This year the Student Athletic Advisory Committee hosted the fundraiser, asking for small donations from anyone who chose to register for their free Spring Break Basketball Camps.

The initial goal of the fundraiser was $450.

“The Committee was overwhelmed by the amazing support shown by our community,” said Cummings.

Money raised will be going to the purchase of sports equipment for the 1,300 students at Child Haven International’s homes in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

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“As has been the case here in Canada, the coronavirus pandemic has closed down schools, and severely limited the opportunities for our children and young people to leave their compounds,” said Robin Cappuccino, founder of Child Haven International.

Even though most of their homes have remote learning set-ups, they do not last the whole school-day, she explained.

“As you can imagine, with less school time, there has been a whole lot more sports and group activities happening at the homes,” added Cappuccino, noting that the Meadowridge contribution will make it possible to replenish and add to their collection of cricket bats and balls, soccer balls, hula-hoops, hacky sacks, jump ropes, and volley-ball nets.

“We are once again most grateful to the Meadowridge School community for your thoughtful consideration of the formerly destitute children who, with your help, are now receiving loving care in our homes,” Cappuccino said.

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