What is that? (Facebook/Special to The News)

What is that? (Facebook/Special to The News)

Zooming animal gets attention in social media

Maple Ridge residents guess what it might be

The Albion Neighbours Facebook page this week featured a video from a backyard camera that got a clip of a zooming animal.

Of some sort.

The little beast does such a quick circuit in the yard, that it’s tough to make out what it could be, but people didn’t mind offering their opinions.


Skunks waddle too much to be so fast, but there appears to be a white stripe.

Missing schnauzer? Dog with “the zoomies”? Badger? Lynx?

Each week in Maple Ridge there are videos of wildlife caught on security cameras, and they always get lots of attention on social media.

There were more than 60 different commenters offering their opinions of what this speedy animal could be.

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