Danielle was featured on Spotify’s massive billboard on Younge Street in downtown Toronto last week. (Brandon Severinski/Special to The News)

Danielle was featured on Spotify’s massive billboard on Younge Street in downtown Toronto last week. (Brandon Severinski/Special to The News)

Pitt Meadows artist releases debut single titled Weather Man

Goes from ‘the girl who sang on float with chickens and cows’, to a star on billboards

A Pitt Meadows local recently released her debut single titled Weather Man, and is already showing up on billboards all the way in Toronto.

Danielle Ryan, who was born and raised in Pitt Meadows, recently released her debut single, which she wrote with her brother Brandon Severinski.

“I have always loved it here and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave because this is where so much of my inspiration comes from. I grew up on my family’s dairy farm and I think that’s where the whole country music influence started,” she said.

In high school Ryan would play on the Pitt Meadows Day stage and her family would help her make a decked-out parade float that she and a few guys from school band would play on. A woman recently recognized her as “the girl who sang on the float with the chickens and cows”, she said.

“I think I have a plaque somewhere from winning first place in that parade,” Ryan added, indicating her early roots in the music she is putting out today.

She started her journey in country music, writing songs.

“I was kind of a garbage singer and I really worked at it. When I was 12 years old I taught myself how to play guitar from Youtube and began writing my own stories. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk so having a place where I can exercise that and in the process create something – I love that,” she said.

Her debut single, Weather Man, had her working with her brother to write some lyrics.

“She would always send me what she was working on and I would give her back some ideas. Or I would send her a title or line or something that I thought could be a cool song. Working on the farm I am alone most of the day with lots of time to think and be creative and that’s where I come up with most of my ideas,” said Severinski.

“With the song Weather Man, Danielle came up with most of the song and sent it to me and then we changed a bit of it together and filled in the rest.”

Severinski, proud of his sister over the single believes, this is just the beginning.

“It is very exciting seeing Danielle finally get some recognition throughout the country! She has worked so hard over the last decade to get where she is today and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds. I believe this is just the beginning,” he said.

For Ryan, recording Weather Man was an “amazing” experience as she worked with Brian Howes who took her song and brought it to life.

“We really got to be creative and take the time to find my sound. I then shot my first music video for the song which was so cool. But I think the best experience of all so far was hearing Weather Man on the radio for the first time. I have grown up listening to JR Country my whole life on the farm so when they played it for the first time it was a full circle moment for me,” she said.

In the past few months, Ryan has been releasing some songs to give the community something to listen to, while she prepares to release an EP.

“I am just in the process of designing the artwork for it and I cannot wait to share this new music with everyone!” she said.

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