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Cougar suspected in disappearance of baby sheep in rural Maple Ridge Friday

A little lamb was taken in the Webster’s Corners area during the afternoon
Mary and Gordy Robson believe a cougar took a new born lamb from their property. (Mary Robson/Special to The News)

A baby lamb is missing from a property in the Webster’s Corners, and the owners are sure a cougar took her.

City of Maple Ridge Coun. Gordy Robson, and his wife Mary, executive director of the Friends In Need Food Bank, want to warn others in their neighbourhood – in case it was a large feline.

The lamb was only about one week old and was one of seven in the flock.

A couple of days prior to the attack, the sheep were spooked by something, and Mary said, they found the sheep in a tight flock with the babies in the middle.

“So we knew something was out there in the bush and we’ve been watching them pretty closely,” she said.

But, at about 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 19, one of her lambs disappeared.

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The sheep were close to the house when all of a sudden they came running in from the field. That’s when a neighbour of the Robson’s went out to check. But when he counted the lambs, the smallest one was missing.

“It all happened really quick,” said Mary, and, she added, there was no noise. That’s why the Robson’s believe it was a cougar.

“Usually when the coyotes are in the neighbourhood and they do a kill they make lots of noise,” explained Mary. And they usually do the kill right on the sight, she added.

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“But this was a grab and go.”

Gordy and Mary Robson want to warn others in the area of 256th Street and Dewdney Trunk Road to keep watch of their animals, small pets, and children.

The Robson’s live along the greenbelt of Kanaka Creek Regional Park.

They contacted conservation who will be giving them a call on Saturday, March 20.

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