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Low flying helicopter expected over Maple Ridge

Talon helicopters with LaSen Inc. will be doing work for FortisBC
A helicopter looking for gas leaks flew low over Maple Ridge in October, 2021. (The News files)

The City of Maple Ridge is alerting the public that if a low flying helicopter is spotted in the area not to be alarmed.

Talon Helicopters will be performing low level flying activity with LaSen Inc. for FortisBC until the end of July.

The work is part of FortisBC’s annual inspection of its high-pressure natural gas lines and Maple Ridge is one of many Lower Mainland communities where this work is scheduled to take place.

A low flying helicopter doing work for FortisBC caused a stir as it circled the downtown core in October, 2021. Again it was performing an aerial inspection of the company’s high pressured gas transmission lines.

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The city noted that helicopters will only be flying during daylight hours and have special authorization by Transport Canada.

The aim of the work, said the city, is to detect small issues so FortisBC can prevent larger problems in the future and to make sure its system continues to operate safely.

Flight time over a single area will be minimal, advised the city, and there will be no activity on the ground related to the flight.

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