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Premier in Maple Ridge for new school announcement

Horgan at new school opening, announces funding to buy new site
Premier John Horgan was in Maple Ridge on Tuesday morning to announce provincial funding for a new school, and attending the opening of the new (Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS)

Premier John Horgan was in Maple Ridge at the newly constructed c’usqunela elementary school on Tuesday morning, and he announced another new school.

The Government of B.C. is providing $5.4 million to the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District to buy a new school site, which is located at the corner of 249th Street and 108th Avenue.

The funding was announced at a community open house for the new c’usqunela [TSUSS-KUN-AYE-LUH] elementary school in south Albion, which has added 660 new student seats.

“We are grateful to the Ministry of Education for making another important investment in our school district,” said Korleen Carreras, chair of the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows board of education.

“The acquisition of a school site in east Albion will allow our district to consider new schools, ensuring that this fast-developing community has the educational services it needs to support its growth.”

A new school will be needed on the site as the existing elementary schools in Maple Ridge are projected to be over capacity by 2028.

“Every student in B.C. should have a classroom that allows them to learn and thrive, which is why our government is providing students the best learning experience possible in a safe and positive environment both here in Maple Ridge and all around the province,” said Horgan. “We’ve invested in 24 new or expanded schools, eight site purchases for future schools and 39 seismic upgrades or replacements, creating over 10,000 new student spaces throughout the province.”

Budget 2019 includes a record $2.7 billion for school capital projects, such as new schools, seismic upgrades and land purchases for future schools, said a government press release.

“Our government is building new schools in fast-growing communities like Maple Ridge, where many families have moved over the last decade,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Education.

“For too long, the previous government put new school construction on the backburner. I’m looking forward to working with the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows board of education to make this new school happen.”



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Premier John Horgan glances up at the architecture of the gym at c’usqunela elementary during a funding announcement for a new school Tuesday morning in Maple Ridge. (Colleen Flanagan/THE NEWS)