Two trees on Fern Crescent had to be taken down

Two trees on Fern Crescent had to be taken down

Maple Ridge parks say they were clearly dead

Blame it on the birds.

Two towering hemlock trees that were taken down on scenic Fern Crescent late in December. They were removed because they were diseased, Maple Ridge city staff said recently.

The trees were along the south side of the road that leads to Golden Ears Provincial Park.

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Acting director of parks and facilities, Valoree Richmond, said that woodpeckers had exposed part of the tree, “highlighting the trees’ death.”

She added that no formalized risk assessment was done because it was obvious the trees were clearly dead “and showed signs of advanced decay.”

She added removal of the trees was prioritized because of their proximity to Fern Crescent and the high risk of them falling down.

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The removal followed standard operating procedures, Richmond said.

“Tree-risk assessment notes are recorded in cases where a live tree is assessed, regardless of whether the tree is removed or not. In all cases, pictures are taken of all trees prior to removal so as to have a record of their condition,” Richmond explained.

Another two trees also were removed this month in Maple Ridge Park, also because of health reasons.

The city’s parks department took down one of the trees because it had a fungal infection, a vertical crack in the trunk and had a significant cavity.

“A tree-risk assessment was completed and the arborist deemed this tree to be a high hazard,” Richmond said.

The second tree was taken down in the park by BC Hydro because it was too close to powerlines and the top of the tree had been blown off in 2018.

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