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LETTER: Amazon could save thousands and pass along to its customers

With the high cost of fuel and many other financial issues facing people today, one reader has a tip
The relatively new Amazon warehouse on Airport Way and Harris Road in Pitt Meadows. (Roxanne Hooper/The News)

Dear Editor,

I often walk along Harris Road in the morning and am amazed at the number of Amazon delivery trucks that stop at the Shell Station to fill up on gas.

Gas prices are always higher in the morning by 2-4 cents per litre over the afternoon prices.

By my estimates, Amazon could save $5,000 to $7,000 per year in fuel costs at this one warehouse alone, by not filling up in the mornings.

We are all trying to cut costs, and this one is right there.

Just thought I’d pass this along for your consideration.

Dave Stephenson, Pitt Meadows

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