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LETTER: Another Pitt Meadows resident questions ALC’s co-op decision

City should be showing more support for rural areas, letter writer says
Otter Co-op closed to make room for an overpass, and sought to re-open at an equestrian centre. The ALC turned down the application. One letter writer wants the municipality to get more involved. (The News files)

Dear Editor,

Re: [ALC blocks feed supply store relocation, The News, Jan. 27]

In relation to the co-op feed in Pitt Meadows stories, I am very passionate about our MLA and community helping them continue existing in Pitt Meadows off Harris Road or somewhere in our community.

Why did this happen with our city officials, and how do we fix this, and secure an affordable location for the next 100 or more years for the co-op?

When I spoke to the staff a year ago, they claimed they searched for a location in the Pitt and local areas, but could find nothing cost efficient.

Why, and where are our city officials? Is Amazon your interest, because they line your pockets with tax money? Someone needs to protect our Pitt Meadow jewel, like this historic site and company. Do something, and show your respect to we, the people, our farmlands, and our animals.

Joanne M. Bryant, Pitt Meadows


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