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LETTER: Are Surrey’s issues become Maple Ridge’s?

Local resident concerned that planning is not keeping up with the rapid pace of development
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Dear Editor,

Are Surrey’s issues going to become our issues?

In talking to numerous residents of Maple Ridge, it is clear that we all have the same concerns regarding the “city planning.”

We understand that we need more housing. However, the citizens of Maple Ridge trust that our council will move ahead with housing in a sustainable and sensible way. Maple Ridge has already earned the nickname of “Townhouse City”.

Along 240th Street in the Albion area, every available plot of land is slated for more townhouse development. Row upon row upon row of townhouses. But what about the needed infrastructure to support all the townhouses?

We will need more roads to accommodate all the added traffic. The traffic is already a steady stream down our residential street with drivers trying to avoid the congestion on 240th Street. We will need a school for the students from all the developments – the answer is not 15 portables at every school.

Also is there a plan for available, timely health care for the new families?

No one wants our city be become another Surrey with overwhelming, dire issues due to lack of infrastructure planning. There are many components essential to building a healthy and smooth functioning city. Our concern is that infrastructure is being ignored.

Hoping for a council that takes the long view.

Sam Roda, Maple Ridge


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