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LETTER: Be sure to thank our snow angels out there

Writer believes the city should be plowing snow and ice off sidewalks on main roads
Letter writer shares pictures of the 118th Avenue bridge beside Alexander Robinson Elementary, before it was shovelled and after a neighbour voluntarily clean it for safe passage of students and others. (H. Homer/Special to The News)

Dear Editor,

[Re: Snow and ice worrying, The News letter, March 10]

Many Maple Ridge sidewalks are unpassable during snowfalls and unfair burdens are put on only a portion of taxpayers.

The east/west route was impassable between 236B to 238B.

The bridge sidewalk beside Alexander Robinson School on 118th Avenue had been filled with fall leaves, and then ice and snow.

Dewdney Trunk sidewalks had not been cleared due to many houses backing onto the street with a fence and no access, although the city expects the homeowners to somehow make their way around the block to the busy road, carrying their shovels.

Seniors who were shoveling on adjacent streets told stories of strangers jumping out of cars to help them, and neighbours helping neighbours – especially knowing one had just had a triple bypass.

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One man regularly puts a plow on his truck to clear his street.

Another, frustrated at seeing school children and the public dangerously walking on the road, decided to dig out the bridge sidewalk himself.

More than ever before, people were spending money to buy snowblowers, and de-icer without compensation.

The poor people with corner houses had double the sidewalks to clear.

So, we need to say “thanks” to all the people who clear snow, especially those risking their own health.

Our city should (at least) be plowing sidewalks on major roads, and not be expecting seniors to do their work.

H. Homer, Maple Ridge


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