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LETTER: Corporate greed pushing dependence on charities

Society’s outlook on caring for all their fellow human beings has to change
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Dear Editor,

I grew up in Montreal in the 1970s, and I have to say we never had the food banks or homeless living on our streets as we do today.

My question is , Why?

Have our governments abdicated their responsibilities for the welfare of its citizens?

Are we supposed to rely of charities now?

This terrible situation is the result of the right-wing governments agendas of the ’80s; with Reagan, Thatcher, and Mulroney leading the pack. And, our Liberal federal finance minister, Paul Martin cutting our provincial transfer payments by $7.5 billion.

And, cancelling Canada’s housing programs to boot! All in an effort to please his millionaire friends on Bay Street in Ontario.

But, who is it that suffers from these right-wing agendas by our politicians to line the pockets of the CEOs – who by the way have seen their incomes increse by over a thousand per cent over this 25-year period.

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Meanwhile the poor and working class wages have pretty much stagnated, when you calculate in the inflation over this period.

Look at what we have to pay for food and rents these days.

It’s criminal and highway robbery by these capitalists – CEOs who are living the life of opulence and luxury, while the rest of us struggle to survive and put food on our tables.

Shame on your right-wing politicians who serve the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor and needy in our societies.

That’s the reason why there are so many who are suffering on our streets these days.

It’s the pathological capitalist paradigm of extreme greed, and not caring for others that is the cause.

And this must change if we’re to have a better world, where social justice and equity prevail for everyone!

John E. McKenzie, Maple Ridge

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