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Letter: ‘I enjoy hearing the trains’

Council could put its time to far better use.
(THE NEWS/files) The city is seeking train whistle cessation at eight stops in Maple Ridge.

Editor, The News:

Re: Web poll: Do you support ceasing train whistles within Maple Ridge borders?

So Maple Ridge council is finally going to consider a resolution to implement train whistle cessation at eight railway crossings in the municipality.

What’s next? No trains?

A recent poll conducted by the Maple Ridge News asked: “Are you in favour of whistle cessation in Maple Ridge?”

The number of respondents who answered ‘no’: 58 per cent.

I suspect that most of the other 42 per cent who answered ‘yes’ are recent arrivals in the community, living in the three condominiums that have gone up near the Port Haney station. They knew when they bought their condos that there would be trains and whistles on their doorsteps, so it is difficult to feel sympathetic.

I have lived in Maple Ridge for 10 years, in close proximity to Port Haney station, and I enjoy hearing the trains. Friends who have lived here even longer say that they either enjoy hearing them or they hardly notice them.

Granted, some train drivers overdo it sometimes, something that CP Rail should look into and rectify.

Council could put its time to far better use considering how to deal with the Anita Place tent camp and the number of homeless drug addicts wandering around stealing anything not anchored to the ground.

Jennifer Cloke

Maple Ridge