Letter: Lowest taxes nothing to be ashamed of

Letter: Lowest taxes nothing to be ashamed of

‘Develop a balanced budget.’

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt Meadows pegs tax increase at four per cent.

Coun. Tracy Miyashita, please be advised there is nothing at all to be ashamed of in achieving the lowest taxes in the region.

In fact, just the opposite.

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Ken Joyner is correct – the lowest tax hike in a region is something to be proud of – very proud of, as it means you are doing your job,

Councillors and the mayor are in place to do just that – their jobs.

Take what funds are expected, review all expenditures, most importantly cut back what is unnecessary, and develop a balanced budget.

My family’s quality of life has nothing to do with how much we pay for our yearly taxes.

Actually, the more taxes a family pays, the less they have to afford those things that make their quality of life better.

Who is getting a four per cent increase in salary this year? I know I am not.

And what is Mayor Bill Dingwall talking about when he mentions public safety?

I hardly believe that if I pay more money in taxes I will feel safer walking around our small little community of Pitt Meadows.

Let me guess, council is going to vote on another large wage hike in their salaries yet again this year?

Patricia Tochkin

Pitt Meadows