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LETTER: Maple Ridge leaders need to do more about housing

Housing is less affordable and council is not addressing key issues, letter writer says
Housing construction continues at a strong pace in recent years. (The News files)

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on “development gone wild.”

Council defends the rapid, ongoing development saying… “we have to provide more housing choices.”

Mass development does not achieve that, it merely helps to increase the cost of buying property and keeps that cost on the rise. Who does development benefit? An easy answer – the developers.

Infrastructure cannot keep up with this rampant development. All that will happen is that our roads will become so congested that we will be in gridlock and our taxes will rise to build new infrastructure… too little, too late.

Our taxes have already risen to astonishing figures thanks to our local council.

The community police force (that we are all paying for) is one item that has pushed our taxes higher and higher.

What does all this development achieve? We will still not be able to afford a home, and there is no affordable housing on the horizon.

All that will happen is the homeless count will rise higher and higher and the developers will become richer and richer.

I think we should all make a pledge to vote in the next election. We should try to elect a municipal council that represents all the citizens of Maple Ridge – not just the development community.

Janet Dmitrieff, Maple Ridge


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