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LETTER: Maple Ridge resident questions park path decision-making

Are trees and shrubs being removed so more trees and shrubs can be planted?
New stumps and fallen trees along the pathway through Maple Ridge Park. (The News files)

Dear Editor,

[Re: City of Maple Ridge plans planting after work along Fern Crescent, Jan. 13, The News]

So let me get this straight.

We had a perfectly beautiful park, with a path and trees, but (we) decided to cover the path with another path.

Then (we) decided to cut down a large number of trees and shrubs, so we could plant more trees and shrubs?

If this path is meant to be for those of differing abilities, let’s be honest, it does not give access from the now gravel path to the actual park so….

During our daily walks there I have counted about 40 (yes, four zero) places where light standards will apparently be put along this path.

Is this so that people can walk through this short length of park at night?

I think you get my point. This is just another example of completely incompetent civil service.

I had hoped for better from this new council.

M. Bridge, Maple Ridge


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