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LETTER: Newbie poppy tagger grateful for public kindness

Offering of hot chocolate meant much to Maple Ridge volunteer
A local woman said she buys a poppy every year to honour her three grandparents who served in the Second World War and her friends who have served overseas. (Brandon Tucker/The News)

Dear Editor,

On Nov. 10, as I was a poppy tagger in front of the government liquor store at Meadowtown Shopping Centre, a young man approached me.

He held a Starbucks hot chocolate in both hands and said, “My mom and I thought you must be cold.”

I gave him a sticker poppy and we exchanged a few words and smiles.

A woman was waiting, so I turned to serve her.

What I didn’t realize was that the young man was offering me the hot chocolate.

He was gone by the time I noticed it placed on the ground.

I’m hoping the young man and mom will read this and contact me so that I can take them out for a hot chocolate and offer a “thank you” for their kindness.

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This is the first time I’ve collected for the Poppy Fund, and I extend a “thank you” to everyone who stopped to chat or shared a smile to remember our beloved veterans.

At times cars would get backed up while waiting for their turn at the stop sign.

One young fellow rolled down his window and offered money for a poppy. We laughed and he suggested I open a drive by poppy stand!

Shortly after, an older woman did the same, her son was serving in the Canadian Forces.

There are kind people out there and I met several.

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Janet Love Morrison, Maple Ridge

P.S. The mom and son drove a burgundy-coloured SUV, if that’s someone you know… please share this with them.