Letter writer reacts to Canada Day photo from Pitt Meadows. (Kate Barchard/Special to The News)

Letter writer reacts to Canada Day photo from Pitt Meadows. (Kate Barchard/Special to The News)

LETTER: Outraged by demolition of statues and churches

Fearing pendulum swinging too far the other way in name of reconciliation

Dear Editor,

[Re: SHARE: Canada Day 2021, a time for reflection, July 2, The News online]

Quite sad to see just one person sitting by the flag pole in Pitt Meadows in apparent quiet reflection.

I don’t know anyone who spent Canada Day in quiet reflection. Perhaps you do.

What happened to diversity, as it has lost its original meaning of acceptance and tolerance of all cultures?

It seems to have become something it wasn’t intended to be, which is bashing any culture is fine in the name of reconciliation.

Do people think you are going to increase support for their stance through vandalizing churches, tearing down statues of Queen Victoria, and playing the victim card at every chance?

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Watching those vandals tearing down the statues of Queen Victoria, who is part of my heritage, made me angry.

It made me angry that only one group can now decide whose cultural heritage is valid, and I find that’s arrogant beyond belief – no matter how much that one group may feel offended.

Where were the police during this vandalism?

Peaceful protest is allowed, but wanton destruction of public property is not.

I am offended by many of the demands and acts of vandalism done in the name of reconciliation.

I am offended that freedom of speech is now more likely to curtailed as anything negative said about reconciliation will be deemed racist no matter how untrue that is.

Churches are being burned with impunity.

Statues pulled down in supreme shows of intolerance.

Diversity is becoming more of a pipe dream with every passing day as it has become too one-sided.

If one minority, in particular, does acts of vandalism, society seems powerless or unwilling to defend my heritage and the heritage of the many Canadians who are proud of the country that we have become.

Seeing our history as black or white is wrong and incredibly shallow thinking as history is far more complex. And now, all the progress that has been made is in serious risk of being swept away in a backlash in which we will all be the losers when it inevitably happens the way things are going.

Robert T. Rock, Mission


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