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LETTER: Pitt Meadows resident questions ALC decision on co-op

Reasons given for rejecting an application for a new site don’t sit well with neighbour
Otter Co-op was being displaced and the Agricultural Land Commission has refused permission for a new site. (The News files)

Dear Editor,

Re: [ALC blocks feed supply store relocation, The News, Jan. 27]

The report in your paper is a sad affair and forces many farm supply purchasers further out to Mission, Abbotsford or Langley. They waste valueable time and fuel, and cause extra pollution.

The City of Pitt Meadows is in favour of a farm supply store on Harris Road, but the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is against it. Reasons for their stupid decision make no sense since allowing such stores on agricultural lands is within their guidelines, according to my findings. This much needed farm supply store would have little traffic implications.

I have never been held up on that spot in years of driving past there.

Also traffic problems are a stale excuse. I have been driving Harris Road and Dewdney Trunk Road for over 50 years. I live on farmland on northside. Yes, traffic has increased because of population increases, mainly to Maple Ridge and Mission. Traffic on Harris Road north is mainly for recreational purposes towards Swaneset and Golden Eagles Golf Courses, and Pitt Lake is further north on Harris Road.

Harris Road north near the old silver bridge becomes a gigantic parking lot and the dyke parking lot is always filled to the max. It seems all of Vancouver residents come to Pitt Meadows to enjoy the fresh air and walk the dykes.

The ALC commissioners are obviously not too familiar with traffic on the Old Dewdney Trunk Road. This is were most traffic problems arise, heavy to work and back traffic, enormous gravel truck travel to and from the gravel pit and two businesses on Dewdney Trunk, e.g.: nursery store and meat & vegetable with constant expansions, which could delay traffic.

The main purpose of the ALC is to protect farmland. Traffic problems should be the city’s problem not theirs. I wonder how many of these commissioners even pay attention to any misuses of farmland or even know were Pitt Meadows is located?

Lance Felgnar, Pitt Meadows


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