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LETTER: Pitt Meadows resident sounds off about noisy mufflers

Noise from cars, trucks, and motorcycles prompted one local person to write
A Pitt Meadows resident would like some peace and quiet. (File photo)

Dear Editor,

There are a number of vehicles in our community that are making our life miserable… on purpose. The owners installing mufflers that are designed for racing and are illegal to operate on public roads.

A large percentage of these vehicles have N signs – perhaps new drivers do not understand the negative impact that they are making or do not care.

A large percentage of motorcycles have modified mufflers to “improve” the sound. They certainly do not respect our peace. Some modifications are taken to such extreme that roar is heard for miles away.

The Motor Vehicle Act clearly states that “Noise increase is prohibited” and “No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine equipped with a muffler the exhaust outlet of which has been opened or widened.”

However, the rules are not enforced.

Muffler modifications can be easily identified and fines would pay for RCMP effort.

Please give us some peace and quiet.

Oleg Eremenko, Pitt Meadows


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