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ON THE PAGE: Books for kids who don’t like reading

Pitt Meadows librarian recommends a few middle grade graphic novels
Pitt Meadows community librarian Afton Schindel offers a number of suggested titles of graphic novels for local middle-school aged readers. (Special to The News)

By Afton Schindel, Community Librarian – Pitt Meadows Library

As August approaches, we are now well into Summer Reading Club.

If you haven’t joined yet, not to worry, there is still time to sign up.

You can join by downloading the Beanstack app or by visiting your local library.

Summer Reading Club is open to all ages and there are contests throughout the summer.

If you’re struggling to find something new to read there’s some fantastic newer titles out there, and we’re always keeping the collection up to date.

For personalized suggestions, My Reading Adviser is a great service offered by FVRL that connects you with expertise staff.

At Pitt Meadows Public Library, I am often asked for book suggestions for middle school readers who don’t like reading.

I find graphic novels are a great option for kids.

Below are some titles packed with entertainment that won’t disappoint.


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Hilo by Judd Winick

Hilo is a hilarious and wonderful series about a kid who falls to Earth and cannot remember anything about his previous life. Hilo is immediately befriended by two other kids, DJ and Gina. When the Earth is attacked by dangerous robots, DJ and Nina help Hilo and his memory begins to return.


Lightfall by Tim Probert

With gorgeous artwork, Lightfall throws us into a mesmerizing adventure in a fantasy world. Bea lives with her grandfather named the Pig Wizard. One day, when Bea is out exploring the woods, she meets an unlikely friend named Cad. Cad is the last of an ancient race said to have gone extinct and is searching for his missing people. He is sure the Pig Wizard can help him find them. But when Bea returns home, her grandfather is missing. Cad and Bea search of the Pig Wizard and must overcome the dangers of the world in their travels.


Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell

Kids make extraordinary costumes out of ordinary boxes and create a whole imaginary fantasy kingdom on their block. This is an entertaining and emotional story about imagination, friendship and acceptance.


Invisible by Christina Gonzalez and Gabriela Epstein

Five overlooked kids with nothing in common are stuck together to do community service hours. When they come across someone who needs their help, they must decide whether or not to band together and expose their secrets.


Mr. Wolf’s Class

This graphic novel series introduces us to a class of students and their teacher who has just started at Hazelwood Elementary. It is a great peak into what it is like to be in a fourth-grade classroom. With diverse characters and charming humor, this series only gets better as it continues.


For more information about FVRL’s programs and services, including Summer Reading Club, check out or contact your local library.


– Afton Schindel is a community librarian at Pitt Meadows Library

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Pitt Meadows community librarian Afton Schindel offers a number of suggested titles of graphic novels for local middle-school aged readers. (Special to The News)