LETTER: Predictions of COVID reality 30 years into the future

One Maple Ridge resident uses his crystal ball and a sprinkle of humour to foresee the year 2050

Dear Editor,

The year is 2050. The covid 19 pandemic is 30 years old and 90 per cent of the world’s population has contracted the disease.

The remaining healthy citizens are living in isolated colonies protected by retired members of the armed forces.

They grow their own food, educate their children and vote to elect their leaders. Anyone not voting is ostracized and driven from the colony.

Among them is the 90-year-old former prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau – who has become very adept at all aspects of farming. The others joke that the manure he used to spread on the TV is not being spread on the fields to grow corn and beets.

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Bonnie Henry, former health adviser to British Columbia, has also reached an advanced age and is believed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s, which now affects 70 per cent of the population: she is still urging people to practise social distancing and wash their hands repeatedly and is only taken seriously by the sign language guy with whom she has developed a romantic relationship.

Mark Madriga, a former meteorologist from Global TV, can be seen wandering around in shirt and tie and broadcasting the weather by looking up to the sky.

There are thousands of these colonies throughout the world and it is believed that they will repopulate the earth once the pandemic is over.

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Experts say these people are obviously delusional, that politics is a lost art and the world is rapidly regressing back to a time of hunters and gatherers.

Former NDP leader Jugmeet Singh continues to express confidence that his party will make a comeback under these circumstances.

Donald Trump, once declared the dumbest world leader by the United Nations, lives in what was once Florida with Mike Pence, his faithful vice-president. The two of them golf all day until, according to the Donald, the next election, when he returns to power.

He cheats at golf according to Pence:”that’s what makes him a great politician.”

Tim Tyler, Maple Ridge



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